“It all begins with taking one step to change the course of your life.”
– Amna Al Haddad

An impactful speaker is someone who not only inspires or impresses the audience but can also deliver long-lasting positive change in people’s minds and actions. As an experienced speaker, Amna treats her speeches as a performance that engages with the audience’s emotions and logic, imprinting hope and determination in their minds.

At the age of 21, Amna landed her first ever speaking gig in front of a 1,000 people through TEDx. Today, her unique story as an Arab Muslim female weightlifter has become timeless and relevant across a variety of industries and has addressed audiences in many sectors, including sports, health, government, education, technology, oil & gas, beauty, FMCG, economic forums, telecom, and F&B to name a few.

Amna’s talks include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Sports Diplomacy & Peacebuilding
  • Pioneering New Markets
  • Lessons Learned: The Olympics
  • Leadership & Success Tools
  • Women in the Media
  • Female Sports in UAE
  • Sports Sponsorship & Education
  • International Women’s Day
  • Gender-Balance Topics
  • Mental Health & Self-Care
  • Social Impact of Sports
  • Inclusive Diversity in Organizations

All speaking engagements by Amna are tailored to the audience, industry, length, and context in mind. Additionally, they can be shortened or expanded in a workshop format. Given her background in journalism and research, Amna has also been requested to moderate panels and MC several events.

Whether you are an organization, a school or hosting an event and looking for an awesome speaker, look no further—Amna has something for you!

Some of the topics that have impacted people’s lives are listed below.


Being a successful leader starts with leading oneself. What are the secret ingredients required to control your life that can affect others? This is a talk aimed for students and corporations alike, who want to learn the must-have attitude and skills to improve themselves to become the CEO of their own lives and lead others into success.

Reaching a goal, despite how big or small the goal, is never linear. While pioneering a new path, there are no maps—only pure determination and sacrifice. During the speech, Amna will take the audience on a journey of her triumphs and pitfalls as she pursued the Olympics in unforgiving conditions and how she overcame obstacles.

There is no perfect moment to start anything. The time is NOW. Readiness is an illusion of the mind to satisfy perfection, which is unattainable. This talk will make the audience reflect on what’s stopping them from taking action and give them the tools necessary to take the first step to achieve success in their life or work.

A very personal and raw talk about turning pain into power, Amna will speak about her personal journey with mental health and how sports saved her. 1 out of 4 people suffer from mental illness. In today’s fast-paced world, each human has a limit for what they can handle. During this heart-to-heart talk with the audience, Amna will delve deeper into how she used her depression and turned it into a successful story through making a decision and taking action. This talk has been praised for giving hope.

In a fun and interactive session with kids, Amna will conduct a special reading of her story from Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, the international bestseller. This session is aimed at children between the ages 7 and 12. Parents are welcome to attend. Duration: 45 minutes–1.5hrs.

“The barbell does not recognize whether you are a man or a woman – it only recognizes whether you can lift it or not,” says Amna. Sports does not discriminate based on gender, nor should we. This talk tackles the misconceptions that surround ‘masculine sports’ and the harmful effects of labels on pursuing unconventional fields. Sports benefits society, reduces risky behavior, increases confidence, and provides overall wellbeing benefits. It’s time to dismantle the patriarchy in sports and recognize that sport is for everybody!

For More Information, Download Amna’s Speaking Topics as PDF