Amna is a leading inspirational figure, an expert on women’s sports, and a mental health advocate from the Middle East. A self-made sports pioneer, her work has been recognized by prominent leaders, international media, and global brands. She is known for breaking the glass ceiling as an Olympic Weightlifter from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who contributed to the country’s Rio 2016 Olympics Qualification. She is also the first Arab woman to compete in CrossFit Asia Regionals in 2012 while being a full-time journalist. Being a champion for change, she is often invited as a keynote speaker and panelist to discuss sports, mental health, women empowerment, resiliency, determination, and grit. She is also a contributing author in the recently launched youth-aimed book called The Possibilities Project.



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  • Cherry Mendoza

    “We hosted our first virtual session in April and Amna was our first speaker in our virtual session. Amna is such an amazing and inspiring speaker. We are really honored and grateful to have worked with her and feature her story in our Women’s Majlis Series. Her level of professionalism and how she puts her heart in everything that she does is admirable. During the session, Amna shared her experience with us...”

    Cherry Mendoza
    Project Coordinator, Dubai Future Foundation, April 2020
  • إدارة الاتصال المؤسسي

    “فخورين بالملهمة والرائدة الإماراتية آمنة الحداد ألهمت لاعباتنا الرياضيات والجمهور خلال الجلسة الحوارية المؤثرة والتي لاقت صدى إيجابي، وتعاون المؤسسة مع آمنة الحداد كان له أثر تحفيزي مختلف بشخصيتها النابضة وخلفيتها المذهلة والتي ساهمت بشكل كبير في الرد على استفسارات لاعبات نادي الشارقة الرياضي للمرأة وجمهور الجلسة الحوارية والمتابعين لمؤسسة الشارقة لرياضة المرأة”

    إدارة الاتصال المؤسسي
    مؤسسة الشارقة لرياضة المرأة
  • Public Affairs Section

    “We collaborated with Amna Al Haddad on a series of motivational talks in the UAE. Amna’s enthusiasm and ability to connect with local audiences, especially Emirati girls and athletes, was a major factor in the success of her talks. Amna was always willing to speak to participants offline to answer participants’ questions. Her story of resilience and determination is why she is an inspiration to all Emiratis.”

    Public Affairs Section
    U.S. Consulate in Dubai, Sept 2018 - June 2020.
  • Peter W Dicce

    “In one of the first virtual NYUAD Sport’s Majlis, we invited Amna to speak to our community about her journey. Amna discussed difficult issues helping to foster understanding, empathy, and a collective path forward. Amna’s willingness to be genuine and vulnerable is evidence of the strength she has in lifting up others, raising awareness, and highlighting important societal matters.”

    Peter W Dicce
    Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Athletics, NYU Abu Dhabi, May 2020
  • Chris Fountain

    "Amna’s charisma and energy will light up any event, and her professionalism is matched only by her empathy and attention to detail. Her contribution to the launch edition of the Middle East Youth Expo was significant. Not only do we hope to work with Amna again, but we recommend her to anyone else who is looking for a fantastic speaker, moderator or panelist."

    Chris Fountain
    Co-Founder of the Middle East Youth Expo, Feb 2020
  • Emmy Quinn

    “I was tasked with finding a guest speaker for our first ever graduation at my school. This was daunting, but I knew that I wanted the speaker to be someone who would motivate and inspire our young people. I can say without reservation that Amna was the best choice. Her talk at the graduation was not your average 20-minute speech from behind a podium...”

    Emmy Quinn
    Assistant Director of Post-16 at GEMS FirstPoint, The Villa, June 2018
  • Nicola Walsh

    "We couldn’t have asked for a better moderator for our recent International Women’s Day event at Flow, Amna is engaging, inspiring and did a fantastic job at shaping the event. She showed great diligence in researching discussion topics and working with the panelists beforehand, ensuring topics were relevant to the speakers and continued to encourage and guide them throughout the event."

    Nicola Walsh
    Marketing Manager, Jumeirah Restaurant Group, March 2017
  • Marko Mladenovic

    "Our mission at the Fitness & Wellness Department at NYUAD is to inspire and support people to shift their habits and mindset, evolving into better, healthier and more fulfilled human beings. As a result of this mission, we were pleased to invite Amna Al Haddad to our campus to share her journey, in turn inspiring people to make positive changes in their own lives for the better. Amna's relaxed, down to earth approach with plenty of "aha" and "wow" moments, helped the audience feel really connected, especially with female participants who couldn't wait to..."

    Marko Mladenovic
    Director of Fitness & Wellness Department, NYU Abu Dhabi, May 2016



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