Emirati Women's Day 2021: Amna Al Haddad | Emirates Woman

This Emirati Women’s Day, Amna Al Haddad, an Emirati weightlifting athlete and motivational speaker, tells us what makes her proud to be an Emirati woman and what she hopes for the next 50 years in the UAE.

آمنة الحداد: نجاح من رحم المعاناة والقيود

تحدت مشاعر الاكتئاب والبدانة وحولتها لطاقة مكنتها من تحقيق بطولات عالمية في رياضة تقتصر على الرجال، لاسيما في مجتمع خليجي محافظ. تعرفوا على أسرار نجاح بطلة حمل الأثقال الإماراتية آمنة الحداد في أولى حلقات “لأني امرأة”

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival: Mind over Matter

While there’s definitely been an upsurge in conversations around mental health around the world, it has also resulted in a debate on how we should respond to people who confess to having issues with the same–just Google Simone Biles. So, when it comes to entrepreneurs, should we applaud those who take a time out, or do….

Inner Strength: Amna Al Haddad Raises the Bar

Five years ago, Amna Al Haddad was a young journalist in the United Arab Emirates with an unhealthy lifestyle. This April 25, she hopes to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Amna Al Haddad - Weightlifter, UAE

Nike has teamed up with Emirati weightlifter Amna Al Haddad once again as they announce the launch of the Nike+ Training Club app in Arabic.

Nana | Live Fearless | BKP Group

Nana teamed up with Amna Al Haddad, among other inspirational women in the Middle East, to showcase successful women from the region in their latest online campaign.

Amna Salman Al Hadad for the Braille Blocks project by Mahallati Jewellery

In celebration of 50 years in Jewellery excellence, Mahallati Jewellery presents the Braille Blocks project created for the Rashid Centre for the determined ones in collaboration with DSF social and UAE-based women, including Amna Al Haddad.

Amna Al Haddad // Tough as Leather

Amna Al Haddad is a fiery-spirited 24 year old Emirati competitive weightlifter aiming to represent the UAE at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Weyana Olympic Series | Amna Al Haddad

نتحدث في هذه الحلقة ضمن هذه السلسة مع آمنة الحداد بطلة رفع الأثقال البالغة من العمر 26 سنة، والتي بدأت مسيرتها الرياضية  قبل خمس سنوات

Emirati Women's Day Flow Talks 2019

In celeberation of Emirati Women’s Day, Flow Series Talks held a panel discussion of powerful Emirati women, highlighting Tolerance. Amna played a key role shaping the event as an MC and moderator for the event, driving the conversation forward.

آمنة الحداد تسعى لأن تصبح ثاني رباعة إماراتية

سعى “آمنة الحداد” لأن تصبح ثاني رباعة إماراتية تمثل بلادها في الألعاب الأولمبية مثلما فعلت “خديجة محمد”، التي شاركت في دورة لندن الصيف الماضي.

آمنه الحداد أول إماراتية رافعة أثقال

آمنه الحداد أول إماراتية رافعة أثقال

TEDxAjman - Amna Al Haddad - Emotional Salad

An Emirati advocate for health and fitness in the UAE. She wants to implement change in the society by blogging about such issues, as well as create a program for the well-being of youth and their parents in the near future with a non-profit organization.

Females & CrossFit

CrossFit athlete Amna Al Haddad gives her thoughts on what it is like to be a female CrossFitter while she competes at the 2012 Asia CrossFit Regionals in the Team Category for Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark gym Dubai.

آمنة الحداد.. المرأة الحديدية

أول رباعة إماراتية.. آمنة_الحداد “المرأة الحديدية” التي حملت على عاتقها حلم جيل كامل

WIL Forum: Amna Al Haddad, Olympic weightlifting athlete from the UAE

At the 18th Women in Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum, held in Dubai and organized by Naseba, MAD Talks founder Tariq Qureishy speaks to her about the drive she has to participate in sports competitions, what wakes her up in the morning and what gets her going.

Amna Haddad, UAE Weightlifter

UAE national and a champion weightlifter aiming to represent her country at the Olympics, Amna has made forays into a field that very few women from the conservative Arab world attempt.

شاهدي حوارنا مع آمنة الحداد أول إماراتية ترفع الأثقال

لم تكن آمنة رياضية من صغرها ولم تكن تحب الرياضة ولكن حين وقعت فريسة الإكتئاب بدأت مشوارها الرياضي بخطوة اتخذتها داخل حديقة الصفا ومنها نحو الأولومبيات.. تعرفوا معنا من خلال هذا الفيديو على حلمها وكيف انتصرت على اكتئابها وحققت نجاحها

United Institute of Peace: Women at The Table

In order to ensure success, peace processes must include “Women at the Table.” The fifth and final Sheikha Fatima lecture brought together women from many walks of life to show how they are contributing to the advancement and stability of their societies as a whole.